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Hakrinbank Internet Banking as the new payment option for your KLM Ticket
2 november 2007

To use this fast, safe & simple method of on-line ticket payment, please follow these instructions. (In order to make your ticket payment by Hakrinbank, you need to have an USD checking account with Hakrinbank and Hakrinbank Internet Banking access at Hakrinbank N.V. in Suriname.)

Book your ticket online at www.KLM.com and select "Payment by Hakrinbank Internet Banking" as payment option.

After completing your reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail. Here you will find your booking code (6 red digits) and your total ticket amount including tax(es) and surcharge(s). In order to process your payment you need to leave the KLM.com website and enter the Hakrinbank Internet Banking website where you will need the booking code and the total ticket price. Without the correct booking code, your telephone number and the total ticket price your payment will not be accepted.

Proceed according to the next steps in order to complete your ticket payment with Hakrinbank Internet Banking:
  1. Go to Hakrinbank Internet Banking
  2. After login, choose  “Bill Payment”, from the main menu.
  3. If this is the first payment choose “Create new relationship”. Type in the “Payee name” field: “KLM and then click on “get payees”
  4. Select  "KLM " from the results displayed.
  5. Add Relationship
  6. Fill in  "phone number" ,  "payment amount"  and  "booking code", this information is mandatory for completion of your payment.  
  7. Your e-ticket(s)will be sent to your email address within 5 working days.
Bookings will be canceled if payments are not received by KLM within 24 hours , cancellation fees will be applicable.      

* This option is only possible for departure after 14 days.

* Children under the age of two years are required to travel with paper tickets.

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